Tuesday, March 6, 2012

14 birthday!

   Hi!!! Sorry i haven't posted in a while :( but! i am (as of today) 14 years old! Yay! Zeke came over last night (since he left this morning to visit his great aunt pearl) and gave me a braclet:

<3 it's so cute! And, since i am 14 now i may post a picture of myself online (as of today)!

I took this while i was in my yard in the spring.  I died my hair red, last winter.  so here it is, me :D Well, see ya

Luvvyaa'llz <3

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

First kiss misses

  So now me and Zeke have been going out for a while, so it is probably going to be a while... Anyways, yesterday was quite awkward..... Yeah, we were at McDonald's, and while we were in line he decided to just randomly lean over and kiss me in front of everyone!!!!! Talk about awkward moments! So after THAT happend, he just pulled back and smiled. This may sound wierd, but he is a natural at kissing. Told ya it may sound wierd. Well, after dinner we rode back to my house for some coffee and in my kitchen he did it AGAIN! Unlucky for me, Chabigail walked in at that very awkward moment. At first she didn't say ANYTHING but then she quietly walked to the coffee pot and dumped coffee down Zekes pants! Then she kinda sorta chased him out of our house with the coffee pot saying some not very beautiful words. Then she walked back into the house and we both started laughing. When the laughing subsides she relays those not so beautiful words to me and then she grabed about three monsters and headed to her room. Well, enough akward story, i need to go.


xoxoooxooxoxoxoxoxo and an x from Zeke!


Friday, April 15, 2011


  Hello once again! My life is changing, once more, so i will give you details on that, and i do believe i now have a boyfriend. Am not sure. Anyways, if you are wondering who it is, i'll tell you, it's Zeke. I know he's a complete wackjob, but last night he kind of won me over with this delicious recipe for apple berry pie. Yummmmmmmy!! I didn't let him kiss me or anything, no way, but he tried. Some people will say i am too young for a boyfriend, but i AM 13! Does it matter that Zeke is 15??? I NEED YOUR IMPUT PEOPLE!! Hold on a sec, phones ringing....... A while later; Now THAT was awkward! It was Reggie, yay me, he called to ask if he could sleep over 'cause Andrew (his older brother) is going to kill him. He thought i was Chabigail (my older sister)! He is soooooo in love with her, it's unreal! Well anyways, back to the phone call! Once i explained to Reggie that it wasn't Chabigail i could feel him blush over the phone. And yes, it is possible! So he said sorry, and asked if Chabigail was home, she is, but i said she isn't. Hahaha in Reggie's stupid old zitty face! But Chabigail NEVER sees to see if the phone is being used so she picked up on the other line, realllllly embarrassing! So in about 2 hours he's coming over. Chabie will lock him up in a closet or something, she normally does. Right now she's straightening her hair for the millionth time! She keeps going out into the rain, then she dries it, then she straightens it and etc. Hold on ANOTHER minute, it's Tess gotta take this. 55 minutes later. SOZ! Tess is going out with Brett, her boyfriend. And she  is going insane! Here our phone call;

Tess: Hi, do ya know if Brett likes sweedish fish?
Me: Why would i know that, oh Tessie?
Tess: I allowed you to call me Tessie when i was 12, not 13!
Me: Big difference! And we were on sweedish fish, remember?
Tess: Oh, right! I think he likes them, but i'm not sure....
Me: TESS! I am still here ya know?
Tess: Sorry!
Me: Why do you need to know about sweedish fish anyways?
Tess: 'Cause, remember that cute shirt i bought last time we went to the mall?
Me: By last time 'we' went to the mall, do you mean the time you and i went into Banana Republic and didn't come out?
Tess: Yes.
Me: I don't remember nothin' from that trip! Remember i was high on coffee?
Tess: Oh yeah, you passed out in the dressing room!
Me: I did? Oh crap!
Tess: Well anyways, i'm pretty sure he does like sweedish fish.....
Me: Did i do anything else stupid on that trip? 'Cause i wanna know so i could try to remember.
Tess: Abby! Not helping!
Me: Tess, i'm blogging right now, my dearest you.
Tess: Oops!
Me: What is it? What's wrong!
Tess: Remember that science project we had to do in biology?
Me: Yeah, we were supposed to turn it in four days ago, did you forget?!?!?!
Tess: You know me, it's sitting right here on my desk half finished....
Me (longggg sigh): You would probably forget your hair in a beauty parlor!
Tess: Abigail Pennypeleigh, you say the strangest things sometimes.
Chabigail: For cryin' out loud! I've been waiting here 23 minutes!
Tess and me: CHABIGAIL?!?!?!?!
Chabigail: What? Aren't you used to it by now? Abby, you got high on coffee? Ha! Wait till mom heres!
Me: You wouldn't!
Chabigail: Your right, i would only do those things to Marcy and Andrew!
Me: Tess, and uh, Chabigail, i need to go now, okay?
Chabigail: Fine by me, i need to compose a death threat!
Us all: Bye!

So that was that. So, bye! Zeke is calling, i'll be back in a minute!
A minute later: Yup, i do have a boyfriend. We are going out tomorrow night to see some dumb movie. His pick. Oopsies! My little pink lap top doesn't have everlasting baterie! So bye (for real)!



Monday, April 11, 2011

Abby here

  Hiya!!!! I understand we have a new follower, do we not? YES WE DO!!! Hi Lectro sparkle! (Is it all right if i call you that?) You are fabulous! I absolutely ADORE you<3 Corrina does, too. So, how do you like Abigail road?? Named after the BEATLES! 

Yeah, i kinda love the Beatles. Well, gotta pry Reggie off of the hamper!



Tuesday, February 15, 2011


   I'm soooo sorry that i haven't posted in a while! Well I've made some improvements to DA blog, did you notice the new template, and name? Well i did that all this morning, yup... i faked sick so i could blog! Not a very good thing, Oh well! Easy come, easy go!

   Yesterday, as you may recall, was Valentines day. I got three Valentines from this kid in my grad named Arbin, he is such a DORK! He gave me one that went like this:

My love for you
is like a puppy licking my face.

  Yeah, that one i think was a mistake... But you can never be sure with Arbin! One year, he gave me one that said: Be mine, gravel box! Okay, i think this kid has problems! Serious, problems! No one really likes him, except his sister, Allina, she always smells like Onions! BLAH! But she says that's because she has "hygiene issues", and, unfortunately, i think that's true... Well, gotta go, uh, eat the rest of my chocolate that i got from Zeke!


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I'm sorry we've got no more recipes=(

I've used all my good recipes on you guys already! So, lets write some X-mas lists!

What I want for Christmas
By Abby penepelah
  1. Purple UGG boots
  2. An electric potato peeler
  3. Green and purple paint
  4. The new and improved 'YUMZZZZIEEE TUMMZZZIIEE!!' Cake book
And thats what I want for Christams!!


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween is not all that fun when you get egged an then your older sister chases them down the block while Reggie eats all the candy for the "Trick-or- treaters"!!!!

So you guessed it, all that stuff happened to me, all in my half an hour time I was on door duty!!! I was a Purple ninja.... Chabigail was, uh, she said she was a mail box but,uh she looked more like a painted card board box to me... Reggie was an Egg, so when those teenager dudes egged us it didn't really affect him to much!